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The much anticipated, the return of the king, Zhongshan Hot Springs Spa Garden.
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Date: 2013-04-10
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Beauty and the organizing committee staff, journalists have joined the ranks of love donation, focused a great love, pray blessing together in Ya'an, sichuan. Scenery more beautiful.

The much anticipated, the return of the king. With the New Hot Springs Park, Central Park, International Conference Center, Chinese and Western restaurants, Cui Heng garden, royal garden villas, business park and a series of upgrading project put into use, Zhongshan spa brand, enhance the business reception, conference and exhibition, leisure high-end services, tourism resorts become be well-known, far and near the national degree. In April 23, 24 days, to participate in the finals of 2012 - 2013 universal miss Bikini competition China beauty also attracted to Zhongshan hot springs, the location area shooting at the same time, the field experience the unique charm of new Zhongshan hot spring. 

The climax was "2012 - 2013 Miss World Bikini new Zhongshan hot spring photography contest" in the New Hot Springs Park opened, contestants competed in 48 ecological spa pool and 2800 spring pools square of big show graceful stature, become a beautiful scenery line. 

The most touching is the 23 night in the restaurant two floor banquet hall for the Ya'an earthquake love fund-raising activities. The so-called "no disaster, a difficult help comes from all quarters". Zhongshan hot spring responsible person said, as mainland China's first Sino-foreign cooperation in tourism enterprises, has been to assume social responsibility, after upgrading, more do not forget to Thanksgiving society, take the lead in the peer in the sale of 100 Zhang Quanxin Hot Springs Park tickets, the fundraising awesome support Ya'an post-disaster reconstruction work. 

All the staff are also positive action, as far as we can, to contribute their love and help, to help the people of disaster areas as a strength. Beauty and the organizing committee staff, journalists have joined the ranks of love donation, focused a great love, pray blessing together in Ya'an, sichuan. 

In addition, 2012 - 2013 Miss World Bikini China contest finals pageant also swim the new Zhongshan hot springs, share "born siren" how to be a beauty tips, health effect of functional experience hot spring garden "rare hot spring", visited Luo Xiao-ping mountain. 

Co-organizer Nanfang Daily observation of Zhongshan Ding deputy editor said, as China's influential media, through this beautiful folk songs, will submit to the National People's display of Zhongshan hot spring scenic environment, promote Zhongshan tourism image and show the Zhongshan humanity spirit. 

Scenery more beautiful. Zhongshan is now in the spring, each scene is, have the characteristic. It is understood, Zhongshan hot spring in order to make China the best The Springs Hotel as the goal, and gradually implement the "overall planning" hot spring of Zhongshan international tourism resort, built for the national 4A level scenic spots and 5 star hotel, become "Chinese Hot Spring Golf home" brand, make full use of Luo Xiao-ping hill, Xiaoping Park Golf course resource advantage, the reproduction of "Zhongshan hot springs, land of idyllic beauty" tourism scenery. 

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