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China's top ten hot springs

Zhongshan Hot Spring enjoys the reputation of “China's Top Ten Hot Springs”. The hot spring water comes from a non-polluting rock formation about 200 meters underground. 100% natural is better than drinking mineral water. The water temperature is up to 90 °C, which belongs to “sodium chloride”. Hot springs, rich in trace elements such as lithium, manganese, metaboric acid, strontium, etc., have certain health effects on the human body. Bathing can regulate body functions, promote blood circulation and metabolism, and is suitable for physical therapy and health care.

Bathing instructions

  1. Bathe in the hot spring before bathing so that you can better absorb the minerals in the hot spring water while ensuring the water quality;

  2. Bathing suits and slippers are required to enter the open-air pool area. Carefully slide while walking, and be careful when entering the pool;

3. The hot springs are high temperature and then high temperature, and each soaking should not exceed 15 minutes;

4. Those who are not suitable for the first time soaking or those who are too long will usually have dry mouth, chest tightness, dizziness and other reactions. At this time, they should immediately go to shore to ease and timely replenish water;

5. Anyone suffering from heart disease, high blood pressure, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and pregnant people should not soak in hot springs;

6. It is not advisable to soak the hot spring after drinking;

7. When diving in the open-air pool area, do not dive, dive, or play in the water to avoid danger;

  8. Old people and children must be accompanied by an adult to soak in hot springs and swimming;

  9. Do not wash with soap or bath after bath to preserve the minerals absorbed by the skin surface;

10. Please keep your valuables in your own hands. Do not put them in the locker or bring them into the open-air pool area. You can store them at the front desk.

11. Do not take pictures when entering the open-air pool area.

Spa knowledge

The content of lithium is 7.61 mg / L, the normal standard amount is 5 mg / L, the effect: stability of mood, sedative effect, improve hematopoietic function.

Radium content of 2.03 × 10-11 mg / L, normal standard amount > 10-11mg / L, role: treatment of stomach disease, strong bones, reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease.

The content of silicon is 161.0mg/L, and the normal standard amount is 50mg/L. Function: It has the function of stimulating endocrine glands and restoring youthful appearance and vitality. It is called “returning to old and still child spring”.

Zhongshan Hot Springs Hot Spring Garden, the park's design style is unique in Southeast Asia. It is divided into special physiotherapy area, traditional Chinese medicine health area, Baihuayangyan area, vitality fitness area, and 5 functional areas of Jingshui Yixin District. It consists of 48 ecological hot spring pools with different functions, one 3000 square spring swimming pool and one super large area. The spa lounge is composed. Some of the hot spring pools are specially equipped with a hydromassage function. You can swim directly into the nearby spring water pool during the natural hot spring massage to experience the thrill of “Ice and Fire Two Heavens”. Stimulation, can effectively expand the pores of the skin, promote blood circulation, and play a miraculous effect such as health, beauty and health care.

Health positive energy

Radium element, which can dissolve fat and detoxification, and has the functions of promoting diuresis and anti-inflammatory.

Lithium has a regulating effect on central nervous activity and has a calming and soothing effect.

Fluorine, involved in the composition and metabolism of bone, has a certain effect on osteoporosis.

Calcium, involved in the construction of human bones, and muscle contraction, can also enhance cardiovascular function.

The sodium element can regulate the body's moisture, has a moisturizing function on the skin, and has an effect on the wounds of burns, burns and the like.

Magnesium helps bone growth and muscle contraction.