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Zhongshan Hot Spring, located at the southern foot of Luosanmei mountain in Zhongshan, covers an area of 2.2 square kilometers. It is a compound tourist resort consisting of resort hotel, natural hot spring, golf course and Luosanmei Mountain.

Zhongshan Hot Spring is the first sino-foreign Cooperative Hotel in China. It was invested and built by famous entrepreneurs from Hong Kong and Macao, including Mr. Henry Fok and Mr. Stanley Ho. It was designed by Mr. Mobozhi, a master architect of the Lingnan School, and signed by Comrade Deng Xiaoping Officially opened on December 28,1980. The hotel is composed of a number of courtyard-style gardens with their own characteristics. In early 2013, the hotel completed a comprehensive upgrade and renovation, and the original park was completely renovated It has built a brand-new park such as Cuiheng Garden, Chinese restaurant, International Conference Center and Hot Spring Garden. The phoenix-like transformation has greatly enhanced the hotel's software and hardware level and service functions.

Zhongshan Hot Spring is one of the top ten hot springs in China. It is rich in rare trace elements such as radium, lithium, fluorine, calcium, sodium, magnesium and so on. It is known as Lingnan famous soup. Spring eye temperature as high as 93 degrees, bathing can adjust the body function, promote blood circulation and metabolism, suitable for physical therapy and health care.

The Zhongshan Hot Springs Golf Club is the first golf club in mainland China. Two 36-hole courses have been designed by world-renowned Professional Golfers Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus respectively. They are unique masterpieces in the world.

Luosanmei mountain is a famous mountain full of memorial meaning. In February 1984, while staying at the Zhongshan Hot Spring Hotel, Comrade Deng Xiaoping ascended the mountain of Luo Sanmei and made the most forceful statement of reform and opening up: Don't go back! A bronze statue of Deng Xiaoping, donated by the Henry Fok family, stands where he once stopped to look.

Zhongshan Hot Spring is adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao. It has convenient transportation, is not far from the city and is close to the forest. With the irreproducible cultural background and ecological environment, the tourism pattern of "leisure and commerce are suitable, surrounded by mountains, rivers and lakes" has become a paradise for business reception, tourism vacation, leisure and health preservation.