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—— Marketing department ——

Sales Assistant:1person

Reservations staff:1person

—— Chinese restaurant ——

Office clerk: 1 people
Floor / meal / tea service attendant: 5 people

Consulting customer service: 2 people
Handyman3 people

Kitchen apprentice5 people

—— Western restaurant——

Water bar waiter: 1 people

—— Administrative ——

Waiter: 2 people

— Engineering departmen

Painter / handyman: 2 people

Compensation and benefits

1. Free accommodation and food: Meal for buffet meals for three meals a day; air-conditioned dormitory and dormitory for four people in the dormitory, water and electricity subsidy for summer, and free WIFI for 24 hours.

2, work 8 hours a day, 4-6 days of rest, overtime work, another arrangement of rest or calculate overtime.

3, enjoy paid annual leave, maternity allowance, length of service subsidies, high temperature subsidies and year-end awards / super-profit awards, etc., can also enjoy skills and quality training, to provide you with career planning and a broad development platform.

4. Joining the trade union can also enjoy condolences such as holiday condolences, marriage and childbirth, employee medical care and women workers' well-being protection, super hundred yuan birthday gift packages and extra benefits such as going out to study.

Compensation and benefits

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