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Chiniese Restaurant
The restaurant covers an area of 9100 square meters and has a total capacity of 166 seats, including: 40 tea halls, 1 deluxe compartment, 8 large rooms, 2 large rooms, 2 middle rooms and 3 standard rooms. The total number of 17 rooms is 33 seats.

The brand-new Chinese restaurant, magnificent, pillarless hall, super-large space, employing famous chefs to manage traditional Cantonese cuisine, excellent materials, novel dishes, beautiful scenery, complement each other. The banquet hall on the second floor, with an area of 1000 square meters, 11 meters high and super large space, is equipped with the only large-scale high-definition DLP screen of Zhongshan Gaoxing Hotel, 300 inches, high-definition flow, which can be broadcast live, and has both banquet and conference functions.

  • A中餐厅-3
  • A中餐厅-4
  • A中餐厅-1
  • A中餐厅-2
  • Chinese restaurant - God bay pineapple fried goose saute
  • Chinese restaurant - Black Pepper crispy meat
  • Chinese restaurant - charcoal beef ox King
  • Chinese restaurant - scallion burning Liao Shen
  • Chinese restaurant three townships eight treasures pork tripe soup
  • Chinese restaurant - Food and Gourmet - green food
  • Chinese restaurant hot spring chicken King
  • Chinese restaurant - Tuna and deep sea belt
  • Chinese restaurant - Orchid crisp
  • Chinese restaurant - Food and Gourmet - green food (2)
  • Chinese restaurant - Food and Gourmet - green food (3)