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Western Restaurant
The restaurant covers an area of 1,400 square meters. Its two main features are hydrophilicity and garden. It can accommodate 270 people at the same time. It can meet the diverse needs of the guests, such as buffet, western wedding banquet, cocktail party and so on.

The western style restaurant has its own style, showing its characteristics of water and gardens. Elegant and romantic courtyard western restaurant, a collection of Chinese and foreign cuisine, Renjun taste, exquisite cooking skills with the hotel's friendly and natural service, will make your lips and teeth lingering fragrance, endless aftertaste.

  • B西餐厅-3
  • B西餐厅-2
  • B西餐厅-1
  • B西餐厅-6
  • B西餐厅-5
  • B西餐厅-4