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Lingnan Hot Spring

Zhongshan hot spring hot spring garden has unique Southeast Asian style. It is divided into five functional zones: characteristic physiotherapy zone, traditional Chinese medicine health zone, hundred flowers beauty zone, vigorous fitness zone, still water and pleasant heart zone. It is composed of 48 ecological hot spring pools with different functions, a 3000 square spring swimming pool and a super large spa lounge. Some of the hot spring pools are specially equipped with the function of spa massage. You can enjoy the natural hot spring massage and swim directly into the nearby mountain spring water swimming pool. You can experience the pleasure brought by the "two days of ice and fire". Through the stimulation of cold and heat to the skin, you can effectively expand the pores of the skin, promote blood circulation, and keep in good health. Beauty, health care and other wonders.

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Hot Spring Garden -- a thousand year old spring

There are ancient texts: Dongguan City, southwest of the sea three hundred Li, there are five famous mountains, many fairies flowers, so Xiangshan. The Shannan syncope is unique in its beauty.

Since then, the villagers have dug the well for the pool, and the gentry built the pavilion as the post, the name "Zhongshan hot spring". Gather the spirit of heaven and earth, and gather flowers of mountains and rivers. Dozens of cars, such as Ma Rulong, cover the sky and gather stars. Gregorian calendar 2013, at the age of GUI Si. Many people look forward to the return of the king. The hot springs of Zhongshan have been upgraded and upgraded to the eight party guests.

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Hot Spring Garden - hall of fame hot spring

Zhongshan Hot Spring was invested and built by Mr. Fok Ying-dong in 1979 and opened in 1980. It is the first Sino-foreign cooperative tourism enterprise in the Mainland. It has opened a milestone in the history of Chinese tourism. It has received many party and state leaders such as Deng Xiaoping, Ye Jianying, Yang Shangkun, and other social celebrities such as Jackson. Director training meeting.

In 1984, Deng Xiaoping, a great man of the generation, issued the strongest voice of reform and opening up behind the Zhongshan hot spring, Luosanmeishan: Do not go back!

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