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Royal Garden Villa

Zhongshan hot springs are made up of several distinctive parks. Among them, the Royal Garden Villa is a luxurious, ultra-five-star villa park, each villa has six rooms, an indoor hot spring bubble pool, an outdoor hot spring bubble pool, as well as mahjong rooms, conference rooms and restaurants and other facilities, some villas are equipped with a swimming pool or KTV room. Each villa has a wide courtyard style private garden and an invincible lake view. The decoration is exquisite, the ancient banyan is infrequent, the fountain is surging, the blue waves are vast, and the space is luxurious.

  • 皇家园林别墅-1
  • 皇家园林别墅-2
  • 皇家园林别墅-3
  • 皇家园林别墅-4
  • 皇家园林别墅-5
  • 皇家园林别墅-7
  • 皇家园林别墅-8
  • 皇家园林别墅-6